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Rise Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement - (6/4/2020)

Rise stands with our community, nation and world in mourning George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others. We are outraged by these senseless deaths and demand real change. Our vision of a violence-free future for all families cannot be accomplished without addressing and dismantling racism in all systems of oppression, starting with our criminal justice system.

Black women are three times more likely to die from intimate partner abuse than white women. Many determinants of domestic violence are rooted in institutional racism, with violence breeding further violence. Black and brown people face more barriers in seeking help. A Black victim may be hesitant to call or cooperate with the police if doing so may risk their or their partner’s lives.

Rise has advocates placed at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and Johnson City Police Department, who help victims interact with police officers when filing reports and connect victims with domestic violence and other services. With our newest program at Johnson City Police Department, our advocate co-responds with police to domestic calls. Rise collaborates with other police departments in Broome County as well and regularly holds domestic violence trainings with officers. We encourage all victims, especially victims of color, to utilize Rise advocacy services. Rise staff work with victims and the local police department to address power imbalances and foster constructive relationships.

Each year, over ¼ of residents in our domestic violence shelter are Black. We promote an inclusive atmosphere through our diverse staff, art and books featuring diversity, staff trained in civil rights, and zero tolerance for abusive language or actions.

Rise strives to provide trauma-informed care, which cannot be accomplished without our white staff gaining an understanding of the lived experiences of our Black clients, colleagues, and community members. Rise has started an internal conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement, with trainings and resources shared with our staff. Our shelter staff have also discussed implementing anti-racism curriculum into our family bonding group for residents.

The peaceful protests which have been going on in our community fills us with hope for a better future. As a provider of comprehensive domestic violence services, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in demanding systemic changes to all forms of violence.

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What is domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive behavior. This pattern can include abuse of various sorts of one family member by another including:

Perpetrators of domestic violence have a goal to establish and maintain power and control over their partners and/or other family members.

This violence affects people in every racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic group and includes people of all ages who have lived together or who have had an intimate relationship.

Domestic violence often escalates in severity and frequency over time and can have serious health and psychological ramifications.

How can you learn more?

Representatives from Rise are available to speak to community organizations about domestic violence and our services.

For more information, call 6O7.748.7453.

For additional information: www.opdv.ny.gov/whatisdv