Residential Services

The shelter operates under an Operating Certificate from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. The shelter is at a confidential location and the safety and privacy of our residents are our primary concerns. We are able to shelter up to 20 individuals, including women and men in crisis and their children. Usually each family has their own private bedroom and bathroom. All residents share kitchen and dining areas, living room and recreational space. 
We can provide transportation to get people to the shelter and to their appointments during their stays. While at shelter, residents are provided with food and participate in meal planning. We can also provide personal care products and toiletries. We have clothing for those who weren’t able to bring much with them. Formula and diapers are provided for infants and toddlers. School-age children can attend school while at the shelter. Staff can help make these arrangements.
While we’re unable to provide housing for pets, we can make arrangements to have a pet temporarily housed at one of our partner animal shelters while their owner is in our shelter.
The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day—so there is always someone to talk to. Whether it’s talking at the kitchen table, one-to-one counseling, or group counseling the staff is there to help with needs of residents. We’ll listen and help figure out what the options are.
We can help with financial resources in the community. Shelter residents are required to file an application for assistance from the Department of Social Services. This means that the shelter will receive money from the Department to pay for someone’s stay at the shelter and can also open a case for people who need that assistance after leaving shelter.
We can help with police, criminal and family courts—including filing for an Order of Protection.

Admission to our shelter is arranged through our 24-hour hotline: 607.754.4340.  Click here for what to expect when calling our hotline.

Residential Program

Advocacy Services


What is domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive behavior. This pattern can include abuse of various sorts of one family member by another including:

Perpetrators of domestic violence have a goal to establish and maintain power and control over their partners and/or other family members.

This violence affects people in every racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic group and includes people of all ages who have lived together or who have had an intimate relationship.

Domestic violence often escalates in severity and frequency over time and can have serious health and psychological ramifications.

How can you learn more?

Representatives from Rise are available to speak to community organizations about domestic violence and our services.

For more information, call 6O7.748.7453.

For additional information: